Friday, May 23, 2014

Gas Price Creep in Portland

I was shocked when I saw the gas price at our local gas station...over $4.00 a gallon! For regular!

Usually when the gas prices go up, I've already prepared myself due to the numerous news articles. I must not have been paying much attention this time, because I haven't read any recent news on the rise!

Are we so use to the never-ending increase that we didn't notice?  Or do we just not care?

Hey, I care! This costs money!

Portlanders have seen these same prices before, last summer. Maybe we're in a time warp and nobody thought we'd notice. But I've been accustomed to the winter prices for so long, that this is going to hurt!


In our house, we're very strict with our gas budget - with only one car and only one of us taking it to work, we can get away with $20 a week on gas! (I feel like this is ridiculously low, but I have no idea what anyone else spends.)

This doesn't count weekend activities or planned trips, but it's really nice on our weekly budget. More money for restaurants!

With prices near $4, we may have to make some adjustments! Everyone may have to make some adjustments! (Driving plans for Memorial Day?)

Something I've always wondered, at what price of gas will those large SUV drivers park the car? When will it hurt the wallet enough to say, "hey, maybe a medium sized SUV will be better."

Before drastic changes though, do some additional sleuthing. I went online and found a list of the cheapest prices in Portland.

At $0.35 less a gallon, I may change my route before I change my budget!

(I'm not sure if these are cash only, be warned...)

P.S. My favorite gas stations are Shell - not sure why I'm partial to them, but the ones I've been to have amazingly nice employees - but with prices starting at $3.89, they may lose me. Or that might be the cost of great customer service.

Do you factor in gas when budgeting?  How much do you spend a week?

Yours in exploiting life!

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