Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weekend Hike - The Allusive Cedar Flats, Oregon

There's a reason the saying is not "second time's the charm".

Defeated Again!

Our second attempt to find Ceder Flats has, again, resulted in a failure!

(First attempt.)

But no hike is a complete failure...

We had a great day, explored a new path, and realized that we will one day make it to Cedar Flats (though that day will probably not come until late-summer).

After a late start and a coffee from a roadside stand, we arrived back at the Jawbone Flats Trail-head.  Determined not to get lost again, we reread the hiking instructions and studied the trail-head map.

To change things up, we decided to take the Kopetski Trail for part of the journey.  This took us off of the flat and well-maintained road, to a crazy-wet obstacle course!

The recent rain had filled the trail with water.  As it continued to rain (yes, we hiked in the rain again - hurry up summer!), parts of the path became a running stream.  Wanting to have fun, but not get our feet completely soaked, we hopped from side-to-side, climbed over tree trunks, and jumped over puddles to traverse the hilly, rocky course.

(I'm guessing the trail is much easier in the dry season.)

Reaching Opal Pool (which is less of a pool right now and more of a roaring rapid!), things turned less fun...

There are absolutely no signs for Cedar Flats.  There are signs for Opal Pool, there are signs for Kopetski and Bear Trails, and Jawbone Flats is obvious.  Where is Cedar Flats?!

We asked a couple other hikers, but they didn't know either.

We wandered up the trail both directions and discussed our options. We could either go back (we weren't lost, we just didn't know how to get to our destination - I also use this excuse for not asking for driving directions), we could take a couple of trails in a trial-and-error effort, or...we could sit down and cry!

Crying was out (seemed like a waste of a good Saturday), we didn't want to go back because we were not going to be defeated by Cedar Flats twice, so we picked a trail.

Luckily, one more group passed by before we set off!  They actually knew where Cedar Flats was! They even told us what trail to take! We were going to find it after all!


They said the walking bridge was out! You have to ford the river. With the high water levels and fast currents, this wasn't recommended until late summer!

Beaten again!!

Third times the charm, right?

The allusive Cedar Flats.  I believe you exist.  I will see you...one day.

Yours in exploiting life!

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