Thursday, July 10, 2014

Unexploited Finances: Who Are You Blaming?

Where do you start your new financial and life journey? With yourself!

Truly, there is no secret. 

You and you alone are accountable for your actions – both your failures and your successes. Once you come to terms with this, you can begin the long process into exploiting life!

This is difficult. It requires a lot of extra effort.

Coasting through life is easy, living life is not! As you’ve probably heard numerous times – if it was easy, then everybody would be doing it!

BUT know this…

You CAN do it!

There is nothing holding you back that you can’t overcome!

If you need help, encouragement, an accountability partner, then find it!

But how does this fit your finances?

Because I’m sure you’ve used every excuse in the book as to why your finances are running your life and you’re not LIVING your ideal lifestyle! 

“My job doesn't pay me enough money.”
“I need the new phone to stay in contact with friends.”
“I need new clothes and a car for my job.”
“They’re just lucky they can afford a vacation, having kids doesn't allow me to do this.” 

Stop blaming others! Start blaming yourself!

Take the first step and take ownership of your life and of your financial decisions.

Once you recognize that YOU are the problem, then you can go about making changes.

Because you CAN change yourself!

Everything is a choice.

I have these words posted on both my work and personal computers. It's a reminder that I've made my current choices and I can make all of my future choices.  These choices include my work, my travel, my finances, and my life!

You too have the choice.  The choice to living your ideal lifestyle, the choice of controlling your finances!

Start now, make the choice!  Stop blaming others!

Yours in exploiting life!

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