Friday, April 3, 2015

Take Control of Your Future

Take your future into your own hands.

Don’t rely on policies or politicians.

Don’t rely on other people.

Rely on your own actions!

My wife and I have been there. We lost a job during the recession and we were immediately impacted financially.

There were no jobs.

Did this stop us? No!

Did we rely on others to get through the tough times? No!

We actually moved during this time, to an area with a lower cost of living, while we tried to work for ourselves. Eventually we failed and went back to working for someone else.

We found jobs. We worked hard to find these jobs. It took years to get to our current life.

We took control of our future. We took ownership of our finances.

Similarly, you must take control of your own future – your own financial future.

You may be working two jobs – you may be working two mediocre jobs – but figure out where you want to be and keep chasing.

Reach out to others in your network – ask for advice, ask for references, ask for support – but don’t rely on them providing you with money.

Take the wheel for yourself.  Don’t wait for someone else to guide you.

Take control of your future.

Do you control your future?


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