Friday, August 1, 2014

Mini Goal - 100 Days, 10 Burpees a Day - COMPLETE!

I made it! 100 days, 10 burpees a day!

Mini goal complete!

This week ended my mini challenge of completing 10 burpees a day, for 100 days!

This sounds easy - it's only 10 burpees - but it's not! Not only is completing 10 burpees in a row surprisingly tough, the more difficult part is sticking with it for 100 days!

Admittedly, I wasn't able to complete all 100 days in a row without missing a couple of days (not on purpose!). But I made up for those days, sometimes doing 20 burpees a day!

As I became more accustomed to the movement, and became a little stronger, I added a clap push-up within the burpee.  I tried to finish the goal with double-clap push-ups, but I wasn't able to complete all 10 burpees without stopping.

On the last day of my challenge, my wife recorded me completing 10 of the single clap push-up burpees in a row - yay!


I'm definitely stronger due to the challenge.  It's definitely not a full workout or enough gym time, but it is something.

I know I can complete 100 day challenges.  This is the longest workout related challenge I've ever completed (I couldn't even finish P90X, even after making it over 60 days!).

I have a new, healthy evening routine.

What's Next?

I'm at the point where completing my burpees everyday is natural - and now it only takes about 40 seconds! - so I'm considering extending this mini goal to 200 DAYS IN A ROW!

We're discussing another challenge, possible one that can become part of our daily/weekly habit. Having a goal that becomes part of life (like the burpees have) is an interesting goal.

I believe focusing (again) on some of my time wasters would be good.  I'd like to build better habits around actions that suck up my time.  Possibly limiting streaming television shows or my time on social media platforms. (I still have a lot of time wasters!)

For now...

I completed my mini goal of 100 days, 10 burpees a day!!

Yours in exploiting life!

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