Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Hike - Rogers Camp and University Falls, Oregon

Rogers Camp Trail.

We traded in another opportunity to find Cedar Flats, for a much closer to home hike - Rogers Camp.

With half the driving time, we were just as sore afterwards as we were on the Jawbones Flat hike!

For five miles round trip, we enjoyed an overcast (but dry) Easter in the trees.

Don't let the distance fool you, with the hilly terrain and rocky path, this was a crazy workout!

Being a holiday which most spend with family, eating ham, the trails were completely empty of other hikers.

We passed one mountain biker, a family enjoying the cool water of University Falls (there's another hike directly from a parking lot to the falls - for those out-of-town visitors), and a parking lot full of four-wheelers and motorbikes!

University Falls.

Lush greenery and trees engulfed us as soon as we entered the trail-head. With the dog loose, we were free to enjoy the scenery, avoid the mud puddles, and talk about life!

If you don't mind the occasional revving of an ATV, then Rogers Camp Trail is a fun little hike for the Portland wanderer.

Yours in exploiting life!

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