Monday, June 2, 2014

What is Unexploited Finances?


Unexploited Finances is written for those individuals looking for another path...

Another path for your finances!

One where YOU are in control of your FUTURE...NOT your FINANCES!

One where YOU are in control of your LIFE...NOT your FINANCES!

Can you spend the rest of your life at a desk, living pay check to pay check, putting some money in retirement, buying a new car every few years, paying a 30-year mortgage, AND still be happy? Yes!

But there's also another path...

This new path is not without some extra effort on your part.

You'll have to work hard! You'll have to understand your money! You'll have to know your priorities!


If you commit, then you'll be able to do amazing things with your life!

Be financially independent!
Be debt free!
Go on multiple vacations a year!
Take a Gap Year!
Work for yourself!
Pick and choose whether you'll let your next job hire you!
Save for an unconventional retirement!

All of this, using traditional tools but with a non-traditional mindset!


My wife and I are currently in the middle of our 'another path'.

We've paid off approximately $70,000 of debt in the past 3 years (student loans, car loan, personal loan, and credit card debt), while still exploiting life!

At the same time as paying off our debt, we took a two week trip to Thailand, took a week backpacking trip through the Grand Canyon, took a two week trip to Morocco, and weekend trips around the U.S.

All while still...

Working conventional jobs, saving for retirement, funding educational funds for family, and planning for our next adventures!

We weren't always following our own financial path, we were once stuck on the 'normal' route.

We purchased trivial items on credit, we planned traditional career paths, and we took our annual vacation.

As a financial designer, I know this makes sense for a lot of people. It works! It's easy!

But it wasn't working for us. We were unhappy, we needed a change.

So we made a change!

We TOOK CONTROL of our finances! And therefore, TOOK CONTROL of our lives!

We designed the life that we wanted, we made our finances work for us, and we're living the plan!

Yours in exploiting life!

UPDATE: The basics of Unexploited Finance...Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, and Step 4.

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