Thursday, November 13, 2014

Arctic Vortex Hits Portland, Oregon - Will There Be Snow?

Ah, Arctic Vortex, where is your fury?
Give me more than wind and chill.
Bring on the precipitation.

The news stations have reported a chance for substantial snow fall in Portland.
I'm curious if it will come. Will this be the first "cry of wolf" for the season?

Here in the actual city valley, we get very little snow, mostly rain. But we're surrounded by hills and a river gorge, which receive a lot of the white stuff in the winter.

Regardless, right this minute there is no snow in downtown Portland. Yet the roads are empty, the parking lots are empty, and the offices are empty.

Why? Are we waiting for the potential that may or may not happen?
I agree that it's better to be safe than sorry, but...are we just looking for an excuse?

We want something to happen.
Something to breakup the mediocrity of our daily lives.

Just a little of that frozen water...

Shut down the schools! So we can have an excuse from work and spend more time with our children.
Close the roads! Close the office! So we can explore the world we live in on a random weekday.

Is this what we're searching for?

Would we really use it to enjoy life? Or would we sit inside in front of the television?

Would it be possible to develop/shape/live a life where a potential snow day doesn't have us wanting an excuse from school/work/the ordinary?

Could we (if we really wanted to) discover our surroundings on a weekday without feeling guilty? 

Instead of being excited for skipping work, we could be excited (just simply) for the enjoyment of a winter wonderland.
Which are we actually excited for?

Yours in exploiting life!

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