Thursday, November 20, 2014

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Have you ever just wandered your town?

Not looking for anything in particular, but just exploring. See the city with fresh eyes, a fresh perspective.

We get so busy with our lives, our routines, that we forget to explore. To learn new things, which come from making small changes in our static life.

When walking back from lunch, have you studied the buildings around you? Have you looked up and noticed that old water tower? Did you walk right by the orange cones and no parking signs, or did you notice that it says Grimm will be filming in that location? (Okay, this one is just for those of you in Portland.)

While wondering around with your eyes in the sky, you may bump into a few people. You may look lost or confused - like a typical tourist. Don't be ashamed! There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Yes, people may be staring, but who cares! They probably have no idea what's around them. They may be stuck in their bubble, like we were. Enjoy the moment, the education, the fun, of exploration!

You'll learn so much from being a tourist in your own town. Or be reminded of why you moved to (or stayed in) this particular city.

I had the recent privilege of being part of a group exploring the area around our building. I had a blast - though I frequently take walks around the office and always take different paths - and I really enjoyed watching others as they found out what was right next to them (and they'd been at the office for years!).

I was struck by how members of the group felt weird touring their own surroundings. People were watching our group as we stopped and took pictures, and this bothered these participants. Why? Why feel uncomfortable looking different? So I say, don't worry about it, and explore more!

On your morning walk, lunch walk, evening jog, or your drive home. Take a left, instead of a right. Go another route. Choose a new way home.

And then keep your eyes and mind open.

Are you acting like a tourist in your own town? Try it!

Yours in exploiting life!

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