Monday, March 30, 2015

Money Talk

The sounds of a pin dropping.

Go into any group of people, family reunion included, and ask for everyone's budget for the month. I bet what follows is silence, as well as dirty looks, the crowd moving away from you, and someone flipping you off.

The same thing would happen if you asked what everyone's salary was.

Why don't we talk about money?

Because our relationships with money are not strong.

Someone that is financially comfortable and comfortable with their money will answer those questions. Because they'll feel good and want feedback.

Those with a bad relationship don't want feedback, heck they don't want anyone to know about their bad habits, and they know they're bad habits!

I will admit, sharing your salary may be too far and it may even make others feel bad (or worse) to know you make more money.

But let's start small. Let's share.

Let's share how we budget each month - everyone does it differently.

Let's share how we take advantage of company 401(k)s or IRAs, and why we're saving for retirement.

Let's share good financial habits.

Let's share the evils of the credit card balance (I didn't say using credit cards, but rolling over balances).

Let's share tips and tricks for bringing our lunch to work and cooking at home.

Let's share the costs of raising children, the costs of travel, and how to prioritize our money.

Let's talk about money. Let's make some noise! Be heard! Take action!

People are dealing with the same problems. They'll be able to relate.

We can help each other!

Are you comfortable with your money relationship?  Are you willing to talk to others about your good (and bad) habits?

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