Friday, March 13, 2015

Those Times it Feels Amazing to be Debt Free

Being debt-free makes me smile, every single time I think about it.

But I'm particularly happy about being debt-free when I surprise someone.

My wife and I are dipping our toes into the real estate market (this would mean debt and we're careful to use "planned debt" rather than "frivolous debt"), interviewing a few mortgage brokers and determining our next steps.

The hard work we put in paying off our debts will definitely help us on this journey, but the most satisfying part was when we were asked about our current debt during the interviews.

"And what debt do you currently have?"


"You don't have any debt?"

"Nope. We use our credit cards, but pay them off at the end of every month. That's it though."

"Really? How about education loans? Or auto loans?"

"Nope. No debt. We paid it all off almost two years ago."

"Wow! Congratulations. How much did you pay off?"

"About $70,000."

"That's impressive and will definitely help with your debt-to-income ratio."

Me smiling...

Yours in exploiting life!

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