Friday, July 19, 2013

Current Life Goals

Putting my goals in writing is difficult. Not because I have a lack of goals (I probably have too many), but this means that I will actually need to focus on them.

I’ll no longer be able to tell myself (or my wife) that I have a goal of doing [insert incomplete goal] and then not following through - with no repercussions.

With Unexploited Life, maybe I’ll at least feel guilty. Guilty – knowing I am accountable to myself and I’ve let myself down (and now the world knows it...whether they care or not in another story).

I realize my goals are only tools to help me exploit life – to push myself to experience more, seek enjoyment. Missing my goal or taking longer than expected to meet my goal will not stop everything. I may even change my goals (especially once they’re met). I hope to reflect and determine where I could have improved (or if I couldn’t have), then move on.

This is not a comprehensive list, just items to focus on.  I will periodically share other goals – ones meant to test myself and try new things (mini-goals such as eliminating coffee for two weeks, eating vegan for a week, and trying a new restaurant every night for a week).

Within 2 Months

1) Determine my time (life) wasters. Eliminate them.
2) Workout regularly. ½ hour, 5 days a week.
3) Meditate regularly. 5 minutes a day. Every day.

Within 6 Months

1) Gain a feeling of exploiting life.
2) Workout regularly. 1 hour, 6 days a week.
3) Meditate regularly. 15 minutes a day. Every day.
4) Practice Spanish regularly. 30 minutes every other day.
5) Complete 4 ‘mini-goals’ (more to come on this).
6) Bring Paper Plane Financial (my company) to a profit.
7) Volunteer with a non-profit.

Within 1-2 Years

1) All goals above, plus…
2) Proficient in Spanish.
3) Prepare for a year living abroad.
4) All loans paid off.

Within 3-5 Years

1) Fully self-employed by Paper Plane Financial.
2) Choice of how I structure my life (travel, life abroad, gap years).

I realize how broad some of these goals are.  As I practice defining my goals and putting them in writing, I will share more.

Yours in exploiting life!

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