Friday, July 26, 2013

Mini Goal - Vegan Challenge - COMPLETE!

What a challenge!

My wife and I went vegan for seven days this last week - I learned a lot about the pains of having a restricted diet and a lot about being vegan.

I could have made the challenge somewhat easier. We could have just eaten raw vegetables all week. We would have met the goal of my vegan challenge, but where's the fun in that!

Instead we took the opportunity to try some vegan dishes and see what options are available to the vegan eater.

We tried Tofurkey for sandwiches - probably won't make it to our regular weekly menu.

We tried meatless, ground beef - we used this in chili and it was actually good! I was a bit surprised and I wondered how my wife would like it. Turns out it was pretty tasty! (I messed this dish up all on my own - added way too much chili and cayenne pepper!)

Ate canned (actually boxed) vegan soups for lunch - eh...

Ate oatmeal and cereal with almond milk for breakfast - turned out pretty good with lots of berries and nuts!

Even had our coffee with soy creamer!

We definitely didn't starve! I was probably more full during the challenge week then normal.

For the challenge we planned three meals a day (plus snacks), normally I only eat two meals a day (plus snacks)...

Overall it was a pretty great week.

Taking the time to read labels (and look for vegan symbols) reminded us that we want to eat more natural foods. There are so many unreadable ingredients found in our food (which then enter our bodies)!

We definitely didn't miss too many of our staple foods (the treat area was a bit of a struggle about halfway through the week) and we're discussing if there are ways to bring some of our new found foods to our regular diet.

The challenge definitely met my goal of experiencing what it's like to be vegan!

If you're interested in going (or trying) vegan, then do it. I can only see it getting easier after the first week.

Yours in exploiting life!

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