Monday, November 4, 2013

Movember - Time to Grow the Stache for Cash!

Movember is here!

I watched Movember pass me by last year.

I followed several Movember participants on Facebook and online - watching as they post their hairy results throughout the month.

Well this year, I'm going to join them!

If you don't know what Movember is, then there is always Wikipedia...but I'll also give you a quick summary of what it is and why I'm participating.

Movember is a movement that started several years ago in Australia to raise awareness (and money) for prostate, testicular, and other male cancers, as well as depression.

It has since grown to include participants from around the world!

Participants grow a mustache the entire month of November - mustache/November = Movember.

The largest organization to run Movember events is the Movember Foundation. They have a participant registration website and competition, that I signed up for!!

This will be pretty big for me, as I've never had a mustache. The longest I've ever gone without shaving is a week and a half - and this was on vacation, where I didn't have to come into the office every Monday!

A month is a long time...

Moustache vs. Mustache - well, since I'm American, and we've changed our language to be different in almost all ways (because, yes, we're that self-absorbed), I'll use 'mustache'...but I do know that it's Moustache everywhere else! (It's funny, my spell check doesn't like Moustache.  Guess it doesn't read Wikipedia as much as I do.)

I did go back and forth on whether to participate.

I really liked the idea. I jumped on the bandwagon. Then stopped.

I had forgotten about some important upcoming professional meetings. Did I want to have a (potentially creepy) mustache while in these meetings? Would they think differently of me?

Luckily I had some time to think (and a wonderful wife who understands where I'm coming from, and going...).

Reasons to not worry about what others will think about my mustache -

  1. Per my wife, once you explain why you have the mustache, they should understand. Who wouldn't understand someone performing certain actions to raise awareness and donations for a good cause?
  2. Per me, why do I care what others think about me? I don't - for the most least, I shouldn't care. I've been actively building the life I want to live, regardless of what others think of it. Why should it change when I grow a mustache? Or participate in causes that I support? The shouldn't change!

So here we go. On my way to 30 days!

I shared my cause and Mo Space page to my Facebook friends. I've written this post. I'm growing the mustache.

I plan to post pictures at Day 6, Day 12, Day 18, Day 24, and Day 30 on Facebook - let my friends follow along!

I'm pretty curious what it will look like - nothing like capturing a moment in time.

Are you doing what you want? Are you actively building the life you want?

Yours in exploiting life!

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