Friday, November 22, 2013

Wear a Bow Tie! (New Skills - Check, Conversations - Check)

Sometimes it's the small experiences that can make the day.

Today I tied and wore my first bow tie. (Yes, it was not a clip-on.)

What a pain!

But at least I know I can do it...with a little YouTube guidance.

Talk about a conversation starter. Everyone at work has commented on it, even though I wear a regular tie to work (almost) every day.

If you're ever sitting around, wanting to learn something new, but you just can't think of what to do...learn to tie a bow tie!

Here is the link to a great YouTube video for instructions - [tie my bow tie]. This guy does a great job of walking you through the steps (with an accent that helps you feel fancy). Plus, he uses a mirror, so you can look back and forth from the computer to your mirror and know exactly what it should look like.

For me, it worked on the first try!! (Though for full disclosure, it took me more than 20 minutes to get it straight - my arms were exhausted and I had to shake them out at least once!)

In addition to just learning something new...if you ever need a way to start a conversation with a stranger, wear a bow tie!

Comments will be made, ice will be broken, conversations will be had.


Yours in exploiting life!

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