Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When Exploiting Life Gets in the Way of My Goals

This summer has been amazing - probably the best since moving to Portland. My wife and I have done so much exploring, traveling, and exploiting!

Between camping, day trips, trip to Morocco, and this last weekend's trip to San Diego, the summer has flown by.

Its been amazing, and I love that we're taking advantage of our time.

The draw back, something has been left behind...

My goals.

Since most of our exploiting takes up our weekend time, we've tried to fit our day-to-day lives into the five weekdays.

Working our traditional jobs, keeping up on the house, doing our budget, planning our next trip, taking care of the dog...

This doesn't leave much time for my goals.


Deciding to pick the priority of travel and exploration over my goals of health, meditation, and self-employment has been gnawing at my stomach lining.

What about reaching my goals from two months ago? The ones I wrote down and shared with the world...

I've spent the last day trying to determine what is the biggest priority to me - turns out, maybe the solution is to combine them.


Not that I haven't thought of this before, but I obviously haven't acted upon it. (Again, maybe writing my goal will help me stay motivated.)

I think with the next weekend outing, I'll try to multitask my goals.

While camping with friends (exploiting life), I'll take some time away from camp to meditate and exercise (at least stretching, push-ups, sit-ups).

Maybe I can ask them about their plans for the future, whether they believe their finances will take them there (self-employment).

Act! Action!

It all comes down to action, not planning.

I can think about this, plan it out, talk about it - but if I don't actually do any of doesn't matter!!

Have you ever had to give up one high priority for another? How do you make the decision?

Yours in exploiting life!

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