Friday, September 6, 2013

Financial Goal Time!

 UPDATE: We were able to pay off the last of our debt early! It was an amazing (and challenging) journey from over $70,000 of debt to ZERO!

Setting financial goals can be very difficult - especially when you sometimes just want to buy that (second) beer on Friday night!

Recently, my wife and I decided that if we buckled down, we could pay off our remaining student loans in 2013!

This would be awesome and it's our last debt. We'd be debt free at last!! (A goal we've been working toward for the past two years.)

Debt about exploiting life.  There won't be anything tying us down!  We can work jobs to make just what we immediately need, we won't be working to pay off past (sometimes bad) purchases and experiences!

It's definitely been a journey getting here - originally we had six student loans, a car loan, credit card debt, and a personal/family loan.

Slowly (but steadily) we've worked our way through them.

Just do it now!

If it was easy, it wouldn't be a goal.  We'd just do it and be done. But...

There's still $13,000+ owed on a total of four loans and only four months left!

How're we gonna do it?!

Time to 'pinch our pennies'...

Okay, so we don't have to quite live on ramen noodles every day for the next 116 days - though this is my default food choice when our weekly food budget is gone!

We just have to stick to our budget.

Which means - saying 'no' to some fun invites and activities, eating at home more, and finding reasonable entertainment.


I think we can do it...the challenge and satisfaction will be our fun.

Do you have a financial goal that you're trying to complete in 2013? How are you approaching it?

Yours in exploiting life!

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